Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy Anniversary Mom & Pop!

Skott's aunt and uncle have been more like parents to him his whole life.  He spent much of his childhood living with them and his grandmother.  He has many fond memories of time spent with them and I am very grateful he had their influences growing up!
For their 50th wedding anniversary, they wanted to come to the Oregon Coast and visit us.  We had an amazing time and we're so grateful they made the sacrifices to come and see us!
Pop walking along the bay

Sitting on a log people watching
(wondering if the crazy guy out on the sandbar
was going to make it back ok)


Treasure hunting!
We spent a day walking and wandering at the bay.  The weather was beautiful with just a little wind.

We got fish and chips from J's one afternoon and ate them at a beach access:

Took a day trip to Newport.  We stopped by Panini for breakfast pastries.  It was really windy that day but we found a place to eat our breakfast and watch the waves here:

Love these two!!!

We tried to head south of Newport to go fossil hunting, but barely made it down the path before it started POURING
The tale of "How many people does it take to
zip up a jacket?"

Love the contrast of the storm and sun
One of the biggest highlights of the trip was taking them to the glass studio to blow their own glass floats!

tools used

Walking in.... it was RAINY

Gloves for safety!

Aunt Liddy with her artist, Andrew. He's getting the glass to start the float

Rolling the glass into the chosen colors

making it round

Pop rushing to get to the station 

Finishing touches

adding the hook

Skott did a video of Pop's

Pop making his float with view of workshop
In true Oregon fashion, it rained the last day of their visit.  We went to Inn at Spanish Head for lunch:

It was such a wonderful visit.  We went to so many places (many of which I didn't get pics).  Can't wait for the next one!
Love you guys!

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